Fire Fighting Services



The PTS-MED has been working in the Well-testing and Tubular Running Services for more than a decade. Our experiences has shaped strong policies that focus on reducing and eliminating the risks of operators, engineers and other staff that is involved in the drilling process including technicians on site that deal with setting up the equipment and tools. Also, we have developed services that ensure a safety process during the preparation of the site and the delivery of different equipment.

We make the safety of our customers and their employees a priority. PTS-MED has created a highly skilled and certified department that controls the Fire Fighting services for our customers.

PTS-MED provides our customers with a highly-trained team of experts in Fire prevention and safe procedures. During the Well-testing, PTS-MED offers complete and certified Fire Fighting services including Fire Suppression and specialized equipment secured by PTS such as Motor pumps and Pre-Mix foam systems, as well as Fire extinguishers utilized by high skilled and trained team members.