Conduct & Ethics

Our company Petroservices Mediterranea has proven its competencies since 1988 when it emerged on the market as a powerful competitor in the oil and gas industry. The team behind PTS provides highly skilled and incident free Tubular Running Services, Well Testing and LPT, on site Fire Services and Tool Calibration. We have become a top leader in Italy and North Africa by delivering these services through an innovative, open and honest process to the major Exploration and Production Companies spread world-wide.

Petroservices Mediterranea works for more than 25 years in a highly risky and competitive industry; however we have successfully secured a leader’s position in the gas and oil industry by following by letter our strong principles and values.

Legal Compliance respecting the law in all jurisdictions in which PTS operates;

No improper offerings the entire team, board, management and employees must not offer, request or accept any benefit that could be disproportionately generous or might make the recipient act improperly;

No trading other’s company shares. Our PTS team will not make use of inside and unpublished information to trade other company’s shares;

Avoidance of conflict of interest. We avoid any situation in which our collaborators, partners or customer’s personal, financial, political or any type of interest might be conflicting with the interests of our company;

Prevention of inappropriate use or disclosure of any information of a confidential nature that might hinder PTS or other company’s processes;

Reporting any misbehaviour that is not in accordance with this Code of Conduct Statement;

Custody of our shareholders’ assets and interest in order to protect them;

Responsibility. Each employee and staff working for PTS has to understand this Code of Conduct and be responsible for each of the acts;

Accountability. We are accountable for staying true to the policies, regulations and norms within the PTS Company and to the regulations of our customers. We dispose of any corrupt and unethical conduct, while respecting confidentiality and ethical norms.

Petroservices Mediterranea gives a great importance to the integrity and ethical behaviours of our company and its employees.

Our ethics revolve around integrity as a core value and working by the highest ethical standards. They form and guide our goals:

  • Acting fairly, honestly and with integrity in all our processes and in compliance with regulations and legislation;
  • Treating our employees, clients, contractors, suppliers and stakeholders with a fair conduct and with respect;
  • Create and offer a high-quality working environment and equal opportunities for all employees, based on merit, free of discrimination, bullying and harassment
  • Respecting human rights;
  • Maintaining complete and accurate books and records while confirming our system of internal controls;
  • Providing relevant information to stakeholders and our financial community through transparent and accurate timely procedures;
  • Developing a trustworthy relationship with our stakeholders by offering consistent and reliable communication according to this Conduct and Ethics Policy Statement.

The above-mentioned Conduct and Ethics Statement defines and sets the Petroservices Mediterranea Company’s goals and the principles of business conduct that will help us achieve our objective and offer efficient customer services.