We are proud to work with GeoDynamics ( a Oil States‘ company (

GEODynamics‘ innovative engineers design and manufacture perforating solutions which will maximize your well’s productivity. GEODynamics’ fit-for-purpose perforating systems are designed to maximize oil and gas productivity by addressing each reservoir’s unique characteristics. This approach has attracted the world’s most respected producers and service companies as our customers and partners.

Conventional Wells

Clean tunnels, fractured tips. Clean Perforation Technology delivers clear, open tunnels independent of rock type.

Bigger or deeper, simply better. Performance achieved by combining cutting edge designs, state of the art production processes, and rigorous quality control.

Impressive quality, impressive economy. High-performing and budget conscious, BASIX™ takes standard shape charge technology and kicks it up a notch.

Eliminate the damage, optimize the well. The GEOPunch™ perforations system minimizes or eliminates perforation damage by optimizing the well’s dynamic underbalance.

Perforating system utilizes bi-directional boosters, non-lead azide explosives, customised connectors and inserts and high velocity-low shrink detonating cord.

Eclipse™ gun assemblies are scalloped to optimize charge performance and prevent casing damage from perforating exit hole burrs.

Factory-loaded, plug-and-play system. STRATX™ delivers a factory-loaded, plug-and-play, limited entry perforating system for unconventional reservoirs.

Clean tunnels, fractured tips. Clean Perforation Technology delivers clear, open tunnels independent of rock type.

Simple, Powerful, Rugged and Compact. The HELLFire™ perforating system allows more effective multi-stage plug-and-perf operations.

Constant entry hole and penetration. The FracIQ™ Perforating System provides constant casing hole sizes, regardless of decentralized position, casing size, weight and grade, for optimal pressure drop during Frac.

Particle transfer at high fluid velocity is complex. SandIQ® PRO optimise perforating for diversion.

Basix™ Frac
Constant entry hole and penetration. Basix™ Frac offers consistent entry hole and limited penetration to improve the productivity of your well and reduce your completion costs.


Epic Systems

State-of-the-art efficiency in perforating operations. EPIC™ Command shooting panel interfaces between the wireline and a logging system to deliver state-of-the-art efficiency in perforating operations.

All-In-One Testing. EPIC™ Test delivers an all-in-one testing, diagnostics, and configuration solution for perforating tool strings equipped with EPIC™ Switches technology.

Industry’s only digital switches capable of being field configurable. EPIC™ Switches offer the industry’s only digital switches capable of being field configurable to rapid firing mode, allowing them to function more like a pressure switch while preserving the safety and intelligence of an addressable system.

Wireline Release Tool

Run with assurance. Addressable, Pressure-Actuated, Risk mitigation. The release tool is commonly run below the rope socket and the CCL. In the unfortunate event that it must be used, the tool is activated with state-of-the-art addressable technology administered from the GEODynamics EPIC™ Command or third-party shooting panel with tool interface panel. After the release command is executed, the tool separates at the engineered release point, allowing the wireline string to be pulled to surface.



Clean Tunnel Perforating


  • The tunnel is formed in less than 100 µ-secs.
  • At this stage, the tunnel is entirely similar to that formed by a conventional charge.
  • Intermetallic reaction kinetics are such that the liner material (now distributed along the tunnel) reacts 100-200 µ-sec after detonation.
  • This exothermic reaction heats up fluids in the tunnel and in the pore space of surrounding rock, creating a tremendous pressure spike.
  • The created pressure relieves itself to the wellbore, breaking up and expelling the crushed zone and compacted fill.
  • In sufficiently competent rocks, fractures are also generated at the tunnel tip.

System Advantages

  • Field proven to Eliminate or Dramatically Reduce Acid Volumes
  • More Efficient Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation (treating rates + pressures)
  • More Efficient Limited Entry Perforation
  • Maximum Impact Workovers
  • Profitable Completion of Heterogeneous Pay Zones
  • High Performance Injection Wells
  • Maximum Return from Mature Assets
  • Multi-String Applications