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Petroservices Mediterranea SRL Company also known as PTS is an Italian Leading Company in the Oil & Gas industry. It appeared on the market in 1988 by innovating the customer service and the type of services it provides.

PTS has started off by delivering specialized services in the range of Tubular Running Services, Well Testing‐LPT, on site Fire Services and Tool Calibration. Working only with a professional staff and collaborating in expert partnerships, PTS has built a strong and reliable experience in the Tubular Running Services. Well-Testing was brought to a whole new level through detailed research, attentive control and efficient data management. PTS became an experienced leader on the market of equipment, software and onsite services.

Our company has constantly developed and welcomed the new challenges of the market with seriousness and dedication. We keep our services up-to-date by upgrading our know-how and testing new methods while also improving some of the traditional and efficient services.

Besides offering premium quality services to our clients, we are also highly involved in protecting the environment and ensuring a minimum impact on the surroundings, hence we are ISO certified in offering safe and high quality services according to the environmental industry’s high standards.

We also guarantee our services, equipment and functioning software being reliable and versatile. For each part of equipment, developed software and provided service we own an ISO certificate that is lawfully affirming our high-quality services. Our clients can verify the certifications on our website because we believe in delivering a transparent service that can be tested anytime.

Certifications create only the legal structure of the quality, however we make sure to supplement these certifications by owning a well-developed employee plan through which we offer our employees and professionals constant opportunities of evolving in the field, learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills in order to strength the quality of our services. Above this, we strongly believe in the philosophy of pleased employees guarantee a pleasant and efficient customer service. A satisfied customer leads to high-quality businesses.

The Petroservices Mediterranea develops a long-lasting and fruitful relationship with its clients based on honesty, constant development and openness. We take great pride in our values and therefore we make sure these values are in perfect compatibility with the needs of our clients.

We invite you to browse through our services and choose with confidence to collaborate with us. We are welcoming your interest with expert staff and a premium quality delivery of reliable services.

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