About Us


Founded in 1988, Petroservice Mediterranea (PTS-MED) was started by a group of enthusiasts and experienced business entrepreneurs who decided to revolutionize the oil and gas industry by bringing innovation in technology and efficient practices. Since its inception, PTS is constantly improving and constantly developing.


We understand change is necessary especially nowadays when the world is moving at a rapid pace and we are keeping up to it. The business environment is constantly under innovation hence we improve our business ways all the time. Customer services are more and more focused on nurturing a sincere and open relationship with clients and we are truly happy of building strong connections with our clients by delivering premium quality services, reliable products and a trustworthy business.
We are a team with vast experience in the oil and gas services. Our experience is over 35 years old and we have accumulated diverse and sustainable knowledge and methods that guarantee the top quality of our services and a fine executed delivery of customer care.

field oil workers at work


PTS Group has a proven record of successful clients including many of the world’s reputed Oil & GAS companies. The company also prides itself on pioneering the new standards of excellence with respect to health, safety, environment and also leading the way towards the evolution of latest technology.

PTS Group is devoted to bringing better services to its customers in the future, as well. We consider an honour being leaders in the oil and gas industry and we shall keep our position by constantly improving our equipments, software and services’ quality.

We shall continue with participating in amazing projects while protecting the environment and adopting greener policies. Even more, we shall continue growing by expanding PTS Group Operations in other Strategic Countries.