Community Involvement

Petroservices Mediterranea is a company with a tradition of over 25 years. Working in the oil and gas industry has only made us even more aware of the environmental issues that an inefficient and low-quality service can produce.

We make sure that all our services and products respect the norms of environmental issues. For each service we acquire certificates and respect the high-standards of environmental laws and norms. Even when it comes to the newest trends and innovative procedures, we select only what it’s best for our customers and the surrounding environment. Even more, our value of protecting and causing as little negative effects to the environment as possible we take it on the international stage as well and respect other cultures and norms.

As a leader in the oil and gas industry we find ourselves responsible for the community we work in. We encourage our employees to be active in the community by attending charitable events or even organizing special events where our company is the main sponsor.

We strongly believe in the power of giving back and sharing opportunities.

Since the beginnings of our company we have been involved in the community that hosts us and we made sure to become a positive part of the community, as well.

We also encourage our customers and partners to be involved in the surrounding communities. After all, we benefit from the community because it offers us professional employees, the frame of our work and the right environment to work in.

By improving the conditions of schooling, companies make sure they will have in the future prepared and expert employees, partners and business competitors which can only bring more positive change to the industrial field.

By involving our employees and staff in community events we strengthen relationships and foster a healthy community feeling.

Last but not least, by being part of a healthy and happy community, we grow stronger, too.