Tubular Management

Tubular full life cycle
Primo lavoro tubino


For both offshore rigs and oilfields, one of the biggest expenses remains the OCTG (oil country tubular goods) equipment. This is because operators need tons of pipe to make up the bulk of a well’s infrastructure.

Whether it’s for a new well completion or improving the yield and lifecycle of an existing one, the tubes, casings, and pipes require adequate pipe protection during handling and storage.

Steel piping systems remain prone to mechanical failure if not properly stored. Furthermore, couplings or joints using threaded connections also require additional protection. A failure during any part of the production cycle can lead to expensive repairs and delays for a well. In the worst cases, a faulty section of your OCTG equipment can even destroy a productive well.

We can manage all these critical aspects and much more. Our Tubular Full Life Cycle services is covering all the economic life of tubulars starting from your order for tubulars ending with their scraping at the end of their life cycle. Our service includes but not limited to the following process:

  • Storage with 24/h access
  • Inspections by qualified inspectors
  • Maintenance Regime
  • NDT
  • Schedule and Deliver to Site working towards our Customer’s drilling schedule
  • Clean on Site and on yard
  • New Connections
  • Torque Rings application when required (This will upgrade your connection to semipremium)
  • Dismissal