Premiere Torque Rings (PTR™)


Premiere Torque Rings (PTR™) are an innovative, patented technology that provide premium connection performance at a significantly reduced cost. By creating a positive shoulder, API pipe can be run, and rotated at a significantly greater torque.

  • Balances Connection
    A balanced connection virtually eliminates hoops stress,it ensures against any tension or buckling in the coupling during makeup and through downhole activity.

Tool-less Installation

  • PTR’s are quickly installed on location or pipe yard, the only tool-less installed ring on the market gives the customer freedom of contingency if high torques aren’t needed.

API Quality Materials

  • Torque rings are available in a variety of sizes and are composed of the highest grade of steel to match your casing needs.

Helps Prevent Collar Failure Due to Fracking

  • Creates a constant and smooth ID which helps eliminate any coupling failures due to washout from corrosive hydraulic frack fluids.