Tubular Running Services

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Petroservices Mediterranea offers complete Tubular Running Services that are practical proofs of reliability and innovation. The Tubular Running Services include high-quality equipment that complies with the safety regulations and is crafted from certified high-quality material. You can benefit from Chrome or Carbon steel casing and tubing that we can run in a wide range of different sizes in order to fulfill the requirements of our customers. We provide a wide range of equipment and services focusing on customizing each service according to our customers’ needs depending on parameters such as pressure, depth, fluid consistency, volume and permeability. These are the main parameters; however our equipment is developed and innovated constantly to the latest technologies.


Our Computerized Torque system ensures that the right torque is applied to the chosen connection. Even more, our software immediately detects any error or incorrect parameters and warns the operators prior in order to offer time for regrouping or stopping the procedures.

We offer different sizes of Handling Equipment such as Elevators Air Operated for Chrome, Carbon Steel and Steel Casing & Tubing that use systems designed for resistance and flexibility, reducing the damage of the mechanism and cables that sustain the elevators.

We offer superior equipment operated by highly trained and experienced installation professionals that are constantly looking to upgrade their work and provide our customers with the most successful Control Line deployments. Our services include downhole tool operation and intelligent completions based on fiber-optic, electronic and hydraulic systems.