Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Petroservices Mediterranea has become a leader on the Italian oil and gas industry due to well-trained and motivated employees. We are a company that constructs its inner and outer relationships on respect and kindness, always looking to create win-win situations. Because we are leaders with a vast experience, we understand how important is to take care of your community.

Petroservices Mediterranea is eager and diligent in developing its Corporate Responsibility more and more according to the needs of the community. We are a part of the community and we have a duty to protect and help to its development.

We nurture business practices that benefit the society and we make sure we create diverse plans and events for enlarging our Corporate Responsibility. We participate in various charity events and we organize projects that invite collaborators and partners to offer a helping hand, too. We also appeal to the latest innovations in technology and other disciplines in order to make our business operations greener.

We are participating in making the world healthier and better by being active in the following practices:

Environmental efforts: The oil and gas industry is considered one of the most polluting industries. However, Petroservices Mediterranea has a strong policy regarding the protection of the environment by using green-focused technologies and highly-organized waste management.

Philanthropy: We make sure to regularly donate other financial resources or other type of resources to local and national charities.

Ethical labour practices: We believe in the philosophy that happy employees create a healthier business environment. We treat our employees with great respect, offering them opportunities of training and advancing while practicing positive motivation.
Volunteering: We encourage our employees and Departments to get involved in volunteer activities that target different niches of social issues from children with poor education possibility to elders that are in need of care.