Well Test For Exploration Wells

PTS is proud to offer a full suite of exploration and appraisal well testing services to meet the needs of our customers in any well. We are amongst the most experienced and reputed well tested companies in the world. By combining the efficient mobile systems and robust technology, we deliver quality data with maximum value and minimum cost.

Safe – Efficient And Accurate Well Testing Services:

PTS well testing services provide dependable, customized and safe, well testing for the oil and gas industry. We also offer a fleet of equipment for rapid mobilization to any job site. Our services are capable of handling hazardous flow stream, including high temperature, wellhead pressure, solids, CO2s and H2S. We assure you that our services will result maximized yields and profits.

Features and Benefits:

• PTS provides you with a full understanding of the attributes of a well, so it can be operated efficiently and profitably.
• We offer a vast inventory of support equipment and vessels.
• Allow our customers to plan the optimal exploitation of their reservoirs.
• Fractured well and reservoir parameters
• Onsite fluid analysis, Metering capabilities and data acquisition
• Versatile surface test packages.
• Assessing hydraulic connectivity
• Confirming heterogeneities and boundaries

We are dedicated to provide exceptional value and support to our customers. We make sure to handle your concerns in the best possible way.