Well Testing LPT

Reliable Performance

The Story

Petroservices Mediterranea Company offers Well Testing Services for more than 25 years. From the very beginning we offered services that would challenge our competitors and since them we grew even more, we innovated, developed and kept up with the fast changing technology of the oil and gas industry.

The Quality

We have highly skilled experts in the Well Testing Services, with long and reliable experience.
With the Well-testing services offered by our company you will maximize your production while working with the best of equipment, maintained and upgraded to the latest innovations on the market. Moreover, our Well-testing equipment and services are designed according to the highest standards of reducing the environmental impact.

The Service

These are just the main services that are included in our Well-testing services. Petroservices Mediterranea customizes for each customer the Well-testing package in order to fulfil all requirements before, during and after your project.
Well-testing is being led at all levels of the oil and gas field procedures: exploration, development, production and injection. The results of the tests are being used by experts in determining the limits and to craft an efficient plan for producing wells and fields while also securing a reasonable return on future investments.


Petroservices Mediterranea provides complete well testing services including:

  • A customized Well Test plan according to your particular parameters: conditions, target, equipment;
  • Detailed and comprehensive data analysis by our PTS software which is operated by experienced testing
  • professionals and provides coherent interpretation and complete analysis;
  • Production testing solutions that are meant to optimize field production and increase the rate of solving
  • production problems at the right time while respecting environmental issues.
  • Cleanup equipment that is designed according to the highest-standards of removing and cleaning residues and fluids;
  • Maintenance of hydraulic fracturing equipment, production lines, facilities and much more in order to eliminate the damage to the whole equipment and processes;

Reliable Performance