Top Drive, Elevators & Handling Equipment


Petroservices Mediterranea has developed throughout the years a high-skilled perception of quality equipment for the oil and gas industry. Our technicians and mechanics are constantly in collaboration with top companies of Exploration and Production in order to learn about new equipment, machineries or software.

Since the oil and gas industry is a highly-risk market and each innovation or new equipment must successfully pass over the certifications, our team at Petroservices Mediterranea guarantees certified services of equipment distribution and rental.

Our customers have access to a wide range Elevators, Handling Equipment and utilities for their drilling process. The work-over tasks are easier, safer and more efficient. Our customers can trust our rental equipment for any wellbore construction and operation task.

Through our rental services, customers can reduce the costs of the whole operation by excluding the costs of ownership over equipment and machineries.

We offer different sizes of Elevators Air Operated for Chrome, Carbon Steel and Steel Casing & Tubing that use systems designed for resistance and flexibility, reducing the damage of the mechanism and cables that sustain the elevators.

We also offer for rental Top Drive equipment that has been acquired from top producers due to their high-quality, durability and adaptation to various conditions. Reduce the costs of your drilling process by renting well-maintained and up to date Handling tools and equipment. All our tools and equipment are certified and rented according to the high-standards of quality and safety.

The rental equipment is being protected and maintained by a specialized team instructed and certified. New technology is used in reducing the risk exposure and damage of the equipment while also guaranteeing a successful drilling performance.