At the Petroservices Mediterranea Company we help our customers with the whole process from the very beginning to the end and beyond because we make sure the results of our customers please their decision of choosing us. We provide data analysis and management services in order to design an action plan that ensures the safety and the efficiency of the work. The oil and gas industry is a highly-risky activity that is why we make sure our customers have all the safety nets in check and that they work with the newest technologies. We help our customers run cost-effective programs and choose between a wide range of equipment that are produced according to the high-standards of quality, accepted and certified world-wide.

The preassembling process is an important key in the entire drilling process. It involves stringing out the pipes that are connected before the pull-back procedures. It requires space and expert handling being a process that is prior to the pull out. With the dome fully constructed, the preassembling procedure must be executed with great care and high risks can appear.

However, with our Preassembling services, your work and equipment is secured. We provide Tubular Preassembling in different ranges starting from 1.6” to 13 3/8”. The tubular preassembling has certified measurements and it is offered according to the recent norms and regulations of the drilling procedures in the oil and gas industry.

The benefits of using our Tubular Preassembling ensure a safety and well-guided drilling process. It stabilizes the drilling platform and it guides the drill offering the right extensions during the drilling process.

The Tubular Preassembling is an efficient method in the everyday drilling projects from the oil and gas industry, especially in underwater beds that include a drilling rig with a derrick sustained by a floating platform or directly on the underwater bed. Before the assembly procedures, the casings and the drill strings are preassembled on the drilling rig on certain position points that are chosen after extensive calculations. This helps securing and stabilizing the whole platform during the drilling process, the running and the pull out procedures.