Computerized Torque


Petroservices Mediterranea prides itself on having a large involvement in the design of special software, customized specifically for the oil and gas industry, able to deal with large amount of data, data analysis and data segregation. Our software experts work diligently in coming up with the latest innovations in technology and offering them to the benefit of our customers. Therefore our Computerized Torque system ensures that the right torque is applied to the chosen connection. Even more, our software immediately detects any error or incorrect parameters and warns the operators prior in order to offer time for regrouping or stopping the procedures. Our Computerized Torque Software comes with a user-friendly interface that is easy to comprehend and remembers its warnings. It ensures rapid learning and immediate warnings. It also records every parameters of the connection makeup hence the whole process is being recorded in detail and completely. We have the newest and most advanced Torque Turn Monitoring System which runs Carbon Steel and CRA-typed tubular.

The benefits of using the Petroservices Mediterranea Computerized Torque system are customized according to the requirements of the customers per project while it also ensures a safety limit to universal acceptance according to legal certifications and high-standards of safety and technology development.

The main benefits of using our Computerized Torque are:

• Cost-effectiveness by reducing the risks of deterioration and misplaced drilling;
• It prevents reaching torque ratio over the limits;
• It prevents damage to connection;
• Offers complete data analysis on makeup services that is saved in the memory of the system and delivered to our customers for further investigations, with the possibility of entrusting our experts with a full and detailed research;
• Guarantees an efficient and safe connection makeup;
• It is a flexible and adaptable system

Keep up to date and upgrade your projects according to the latest technology that ensures better cost management, safer environment and more efficient work for both operators and equipment.