Tubular Running Services

Run the Excellence

The Story

Petroservices Mediterranea has started in 1988 with expertise in Tubular Running Services. Our high-quality services driven by upgraded technology and improved customer care has soon led us leading the Italian market in the oil and gas industry. Therefore, we present our Tubular Running Services with great proud and confidence that we will offer you an efficient experience that will guarantee a cost-effective investment and a professional care throughout the entire process from the data analysis to the actual drilling and afterwards by measuring the data.

The Quality

Our Tubular Running Services are certified year by year and successfully pass the tests. This way we make sure our customers receive Tubular Management Services according to the highest-standards of the oil and gas industry. We create our own technologies which we develop according to the high-standards of legislation and safety. We make sure our customers use the latest innovations in order to secure user-friendly machineries that are safety-driven and that are resistant. In this way, we reduce on site risks and improve the handling and functioning services of drilling machineries and tubular mechanisms.

The Service

Petroservices Mediterranea offers complete Tubular Running Services that are practical proofs of reliability and innovation. The Tubular Running Services include high-quality equipment that complies with the safety regulations and is crafted from certified high-quality material. You can benefit from Chrome or Carbon steel casing and tubing that we can run in a wide range of different sizes in order to fulfill the requirements of our customers. We provide a wide range of equipment and services focusing on customizing each service according to our customers’ needs depending on parameters such as pressure, depth, fluid consistency, volume and permeability. These are the main parameters; however our equipment is developed and innovated constantly to the latest technologies.

Our Range

PTS Tubular Running Services onshore packages includes:
• Casing and Tubing Power Tongs
• Hydraulic & Electric Power Units
• Completion Rental Tools
• Pickup & Laydown technology
• Wide range of conventional handling equipment for all sizes
• Drill Pipe Power Tongs
• Dual Completion Handling Equipment
• Torque Monitoring
• Remotely Operated Tong Cart
• Tong Positioning Arm
• Casing Stabbing Arm

Run the Excellence