Control Line Installation Service


At Petroservices Mediterranea we make sure the entire process of drilling is safe and secured by our high-quality services and reliable equipment.
We provide to our customers multiple control-line installation services that prove our leadership in the oil and gas market. Petroservices Mediterranea is setting the industry standards to a higher level by offering safe, efficient and cost-effective control line installation services.
The control line services are a must-have in well completion. When customers decide their provider of control line installation services, they have to take into careful consideration the competences and quality of services provided because a successful use of the control system whether it’s multiple lines or not is critical for any well completion process. If the control lines are not properly managed the entire system is at risk of being inoperable or unreliable.

At Petroservices Mediterranea the control line services are designed and delivered according to the international high-standards of quality and safety therefore our control line installation package includes state-of-the-art control line spooling units, accompanied by sheave assembly services and a control line protector installation kit. Even more, each control line installation package is designed to answer to the latest innovations and safe systems in the industry.

Also, the inventory of multiple control-line spoolers provided by our PTS Company, it is managed with strict quality assurance program in order to maximize the operational efficiency and preparation.

What makes PTS your most intelligent choice?

We offer superior equipment operated by highly trained and experienced installation professionals that are constantly looking to upgrade their work and provide our customers with the most successful control line deployments. Our services include downhole tool operation and intelligent completions based on fiber-optic, electronic and hydraulic systems.

Meet your advantages with PTS and we guarantee:

• A spooling unit design that manages a secure operation of single to multiple control lines;
• The possibility of independent system function or control cabin for multi-unit applications;
• Continuous monitoring possible by fiber-optic rotary joint, electrical collector ring, designed spool shaft for hydraulic-pressure swivel;
• A complete and efficient control panel that includes consolidated pump system, air hoses while functioning on a minimum time for rig-up, rig-down mechanisms;
• Elimination of fluid contamination through closed hydraulic pump system;
• Easy-access to downhole accessory control;
• Environmental protection and safe work area maintained by a bottom skid pan that collects fluid spills.

Turn your well completion process in a smart experience by choosing our control line services