Our Story

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In 1988, a group of enthusiasts and experienced business entrepreneurs decided to revolutionize the oil and gas industry by bringing innovation in technology and efficient practices. This union led to the founding of the PTS‐MED providing Tubular Running Services Onshore and Well Testing.
Few years later we have managed Dual strings Completion and extension of Tubular Running Services to Offshore installation. In 1995, we developed the first LTP (Long Production Test) installation on Oil & Gas wells.

Due to hard work, dedication and efficient services, Petroservices Mediterranea received ten years later a valuable certification. In 1998, Petroservices Mediterranea has been certified for offering high-quality and efficient Well-Testing and Tubular Running Services. The same year, PTS_MED gets ISO 9001 quality certification and awarded with the first contract in Tunisia.
Since that point on, Petroservices Mediterranea has constantly developed, innovating its services by getting involved in designing efficient software and creating a data analysis system that covers all the parameters of the drilling procedures in detail. In 2000, we have managed the First LPT – GOSP (Gas‐Oil Separation Plant) with dehydration gas treatment and by 2005 we have underwent the First LPT – GOSP with dehydration gas treatment and compression.

Soon, we have utilized the “Spooling Units in dual string completion wells for the “Control & Injection Line Installation” service and utilization of “Sliding Dual Tool Spider” Technology during successful collaborations.

We take great pride in guaranteeing safe and efficient services to our customers therefore we invest in research and data analysis.
In 2013, Petroservices Mediterranea has received other certifications, testimony of the hard work, diligent services and great involvement in the business industry. Therefore, our company received the BS OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Certification.

We grew as a company and as a family by collaborating with qualified personnel, trained in working with regularly controlled equipment, certified by International Authorities and therefore having the opportunity to make use of internal calibration service instrumentation.

2014 signaled the purging and cleaning pipelines operations with the utilization of the Well Test equipment.

In 2016, we celebrate 28 years of successful work, impeccable customer care and innovative technologies and we have been awarded with the first contract in Morocco. Our progress is possible due to our motivated and highly skilled employees, management team dedicated to constant improvement and pleased customers.
Petroservices Mediterranea is devoted to bringing better services to its customers in the future, as well. We consider an honor being leaders in the oil and gas industry and we shall keep our position by constantly improving our equipments, software and services’ quality.
We shall continue with participating in amazing projects while protecting the environment and adopting greener policies. Even more, we shall continue growing by expanding PTS‐MED Operations in other Strategic Countries.