Who We Are

Who We Are

Petroservices Mediterranea is a company originating in Italy. We are a team with vast experience in the oil and gas services. Our experience is over 20 years old and we have accumulated diverse and sustainable knowledge and methods that guarantee the top quality of our services and a fine executed delivery of customer care.

PTS has been founded in 1988. Its founders have immediately brought to the table expertise and a desire to constantly meet progress. Our company owns departments of production, distribution and supplier, all departments being specialized in the complicated and large industry of gas and oil services.

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest markets in the world. It is a highly competitive and international industry where the stakes are very high. One can become a leader in this industry only if it provides reliable services, a powerful business voice and last but not least, an honest, transparent and constantly improving customer service.

We have become leaders in the oil and gas industry by having strong values, taking outstanding care of customers and always being opened to new developments in the industry. We understand change is necessary especially nowadays when the world is moving at a rapid pace and we are keeping up to it. The business environment is constantly under innovation hence we improve our business ways all the time. Customer services are more and more focused on nurturing a sincere and open relationship with clients and we are truly happy of building strong connections with our clients by delivering premium quality services, reliable products and a trustworthy business.

PTS provides Tubular Running Services including Rental, Computerized Torque, and Preassembling

We also deliver high-quality Production Well Testing Services that include Exploratory Well Testing, Production Monitoring, Early and Long Term Production Facilities and Data Acquisition and much, much more.

Please check a full detail on each service and inspect our catalogue on the full range of services. All our services are certified and delivered in a safe and high-standard guaranteed environment.