Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

We believe in a transparent and open communication with our partners and customers.

Petroservices Mediterranea has been certified from its early ages proving it is a company of high-quality services.

We made sure to comply with the legislation and offer certified and quality-guaranteed customer care and services. We repeatedly stated that we promote transparency and openness and now it is time to prove to our customers and partners that we take these words by law. Both our customers and partners can verify the legalization of the certificates and even more its confirmation of quality and efficient work for present times.
The codes to our Petroservices Mediterranea Company’s Certifications are ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 and they can also be checked as a full document below.

The first Certificate in chronological order has been issued in 1998 and testifies for 10 years of experienced and high standards in the Tubular Running Services and Well-Testing procedures. This certificate legitimizes PTS in the production and distribution of well-testing services in the oil and gas industry services including maintenance and installation according to the highest-standards on the market. It also certifies PTS Company as a provider of Tubular Running Services in the oil and gas industry for high-quality services.

The Certification documents have been constantly renewed based on our Company being successfully verified and tested by the appointed authorities.

Our department of Quality Management makes sure to keep the documents up-to-date and that the services comply with the highest standards of the market and respect the business and environmental norms.

We are willing to provide our customers and partners with all the necessary documents they require in order to see proof of our vast experience, upgraded know-how and diligent customer care.