Our Main Customers

Our experience of over 25 years in a highly competitive and risky industry has gifted us with amazing customers. Among them, the Petroservices Mediterranea has become a favourite partner for many Exploration and Production Companies that operate in demanding environments. Understanding very well their conditions and meeting their values on a common ground, Petroservices Mediterranea enjoys trustworthy and long-lasting partnerships.

We have opened our channels to the International Industry and we have been chosen by many popular companies that have a large voice on the market specializing in Exploration and Production services in Europe and Africa. We are proud of collaborating with the largest E&P companies on the international market.

We secure our partnerships by providing services that focus on the needs and benefits of our customers. Our strong vision and reliable values have helped us in playing an important role in various highly successful and prestigious international projects.

We are delighted to be able to list our beloved customers and host on our website their successful brands. Together we create a strong community in the Oil & Gas industry with focus on expertise and efficient services.

We are looking forward to meet more and more customers and work together in successful and important projects. We are keen on developing the Oil & Gas community filled with professionals.

Petroservices Mediterranea will continue on fostering and developing strong connections with its customers all around the world. Our strong connections are based on experienced delivery of reliable services and a close attention to the well-being of our customers. We learn about new cultures and integrate in our system values that benefit our customers and please our partners. We also continue in playing an important role in international projects and secure a leader’s position on both the local and international market.